Hotel Facilities

Kahiki cafe

Kahiki Café

Kahiki Café is inspired by the Islands of Oceania. “Kahiki”, in the Hawaiian language, can be used to refer to any foreign place outside of Hawai’i. 

We hope that you are transported to our cousin Islands in the Pacific when you eat the food, see the pictures, feel the carvings, read the history and hear the music.

Our menu features Hawaiian, international, and local dishes. Most of our produce is organically grown and sourced fresh from Kinabuhi Farm to your table.

Our restaurant empowers and financially supports the education of deaf children as well as being a vocational training center for deaf students and employing deaf adults.

Honu coffee bar

Honu Coffee Bar

Honu Coffee Bar is named after the Hawaiian green sea turtle known as “Honu”, which symbolizes blessing, endurance and long life. The coffee bar serves coffee of various types such as espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and mocha lattes.

Honu Coffee Bar is a perfect place to sip and enjoy a delicious coffee away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Swimming Pool

Whether you’re on a family vacation or here on business or just to getaway from it all for a few days, you’ll enjoy our refreshing pool. Children love the kiddy pool. You can also enjoy a meal delivered to the pool side. Whatever kind of Bohol Vacation you’re looking for, Dao Diamond Hotel can provide. Just to get away from it all in Bohol!

Although Dao Diamond Hotel has plenty of hearing staff that take care of the front desk, many of our food service and housekeeping personnel are Deaf but don’t worry, you can communicate with them by writing your orders or needs in English. They are all friendly and enjoy being creative in their communication even using pantomime.

Fish Foot Spa

After a dusty day of travel, what could be better than to soak your feet in a cool water? For a delightfully unique experience, place your feet in our Fish Foot Spa and watch as your feet are surrounded by hundreds of little fishes nibbling at your toes. For only Php 50.00 per 30 minutes, our Fish Foot Spa will surely give you a great story to tell.