Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant

Dao Diamond Restaurants

Chico Cafe

At the center of this indoor restaurant is a real Chico tree.  This is how the restaurant got its name.  It still produces a sweet cinnamon tasting fruit that you are welcome to try when it is in season.  This iconic tree is enclosed in a beautiful structure of natural wood, bamboo, reeds, and grass mats.  The sound of a small waterfall just at the side of the restaurant creates an ambiance straight out of your best imagination of the South Pacific tropics.

The breakfast is served in the mornings from 6:00AM to 10:00AM so that you can get an early start or just relax and take your time.  It is a perfect place to start your day.

The Chico Cafe is also one of the WiFi Hot Spots in the hotel so it is a good place to have a snack and catch up on your emails.

Our menu features both local and international dishes.  Our chefs and kitchen crew are all former graduates from the deaf schools that the hotel supports.  They are well trained and skilled with many years of experience.

Please let our restaurant management know if you have any special food needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Starlight Dining Plaza

Starlight Dining Plaza
The soft lights, soft music, warm breezes, twinkling stars, and great food best describe the atmosphere of the Starlight Dining Plaza. The plaza was built to take advantage of the natural beauty of the trees that surround the hotel.  The native rattan furniture, plaza benches and gardens all add to the amazing ambiance.