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Bohol Tour Packages

Take a Tour of Bohol With Dao Diamond Hotel, Philippines

We offer Bohol Tours and Tour Packages that you can choose from to visit various Bohol attractions.
Explore the many wonders of Bohol, visit the Spanish colonial structures, natural Bohol wonders, extreme eco adventure tours, and experience the Friendly culture of Bohol.

We can arrange tours to:
• Chocolate Hills
• Sagbayan Peak
• Panglao Beaches
• Loboc River Cruise Bohol Tours and Tour Packages Loboc River
• Tarsier Monkey Preserve
• Mag-aso Water fall
• Pamilacan & Balicasag Dolphin Watching
• Blood Compact
• Baclayon Church
• Danao Adventure Park
• And other points of interests

*Please inquire at the Dao Diamond front desk

or contact us for prices.